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Put a sock in it, Loud Eyes

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..., 24, angels, are you being served?, as time goes by, astral travel, astrology, batman, beer snob, bettie page, bisexual, brak, candle light, captain morgan's spiced rum, cat lovers, cats, catster, celtic, celtic knots, celtic music, cerulean, chess, civilization 3, corsendonk, cry for dawn, dancing, daria, dead can dance, dr. katz, dr. pepper, dreaming, dreams, drinking, edvard munch, edward gorey, embalming, enya, flogging, flowy dresses, gambling, gamer chix, gamers, ghosts, gilmore girls, gloomcookie, goddess, golden girls, good beer, goth, goth clubs, gothic music, hair dye, halloween, hayao miyazaki, i hate texas, i love my husband, i love my sister, indie, indie music, industrial, industrial music, intuition, ireland, irish music, irish pubs, jenna jameson, jolly roger, kitty cats, la chouffe, las vegas, laughter, laundry, lemony snicket, lionhead studios, love, loyality, magic, meditation, monologues, morning sex, mst3k, music, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, new age, new wave, nymphomaniacs, oblivion, olivia de berardinis, pagan, paganism, paintings, paranormal, paulo coelho, photography, piano, pie night, piercings, pin-up girls, pin-ups, plays, ps2, psychology, razed in black, reading, retro, roleplaying, rum, scratching, sewing, sg1, shaman, shamanic journey, sharp pointy things, sleeping, sleeping in, snog, snow, snow flakes, space ghost, spirit, stargate sg1, stompy music, stubborn, swirly, talisman, tank girl, tank tops, tattoos, taurus, tea, teen titans, terry pratchett, the cat returns, the pop logic, unibroue, vegas baby, victorian age, video games, vintage, vinyl, visions, water, wicca, wiccan, witch, women, wyrd sisters, x-box 360, young and the restless
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